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transform review is proud to present its first issue. Appearing twice a year, it brings together thinkers and activists from across the Left to discuss the building of a radical alternative to the rising right-wing hegemony in the European Union.

This issue, In Times of War, reflects on the current conflicts in Ukraine and Palestine, and their international impact. Our review of European politics is published by Brumaire Verlag and sponsored by the transform! network — the political foundation of the Party of the European Left.

Haris Golemis, David Broder

Kimon Markatos

Cornelia Hildebrandt
Tatiana Moutinho
Mattia Gambilonghi
Eric Canepa
Ellen Engelstad
Ankica Čakardić
Gala Kabbaj
Javier Moreno

Andy King – Creative Director
Laura Stoppkotte – Typesetting
Ole Rauch – Publisher

Every transform review issue is printed in Germany and shipped from Berlin to our subscribers all over the world. If you would like to bulk order issues for political education or conferences, please get in touch with us.

transform! europe is partially financed through a subsidy from the European Parliament. The sole liability rests with the author and the European Parliament is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained in this publication.